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Distance Reiki Session

Distance healing is a way to send Reiki through time and space. Therefore, allowing the practitioner to send Reiki from a distance. Distance healing is just as effective as a in person Reiki session. Before a session can  begin a few particulars about the client is needed. Each session is $19.95 for a 30 minute session +Energy Card reading .

Reiki Classes
Reiki Level classes 1-2-3 are held in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Classes are open to all who have a desire to learn Reiki. Classes are taught in the traditional style of Reiki taught by Dr. Usui. You will upon completion receive an attunement , a manual as well a certificate from Temple of Reiki. Please check Eventbrite for current classes
Please not due to covid all classes are cancelled.
Workshops 3 Hour Workshop
Pregnant or trying to conceive come to a workshop. Learn self healing techniques, as well as receive an attunement so you can self heal before during or after pregnancy. Seating is limited to 12 participants and fees must be paid in advance.  Please check out
Online Reiki Courses 1-2-3
Temple of Reiki online school is perfect for those who wish to study at home from your laptop, computer or cell phone. You can study online courses in Reiki 1- 2- 3 study at your own pace. You can complete Reiki Levels 1-2-3 in 24 hours although it is not recommended. Each Level takes approximately 3 hours to complete. I recommend waiting at least 21 days between levels. Upon completion you will become a certified Reiki practitioner/master able to practice on yourself and others.




The reiki treatment has helped greatly!!!

Melissa Carter

“I'm a testimonial. 

Morris Wilson

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